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Peka-a-wakaBiomorphic Mask 1Stella shelfDiving TakapuBiomorphic mask 2 Stella shelf, kauri, rimu, walnut, etched glass, 600mm x 70mm $850  Stella shelfMeeting of WhaiBiomorphic mask 3Nuerogenesis 2, Mahogany, pine, kanuka.1000mm diametre x 200mm approx. $850Nuerogenesis 1, Oak, pine, kanuka, 1100mm Diametre x 200mm approx. $850Primordial soup with spoon. Rimu , totora, ply, oil paint, etched glass. 600mm x 600mm x 150mm. $850HideHideA fitting persona. Rimu, pine, ceramic, glass, feather, bone. 550mm x 550mm x 120mm,  $800Lingua Franca Walnut, pine, ceramic, etched glass.*****SOLD*****Assymetric Shrine. Rimu, Oak, Mahogany, Ceramic. 1100mm x 800mm x 270mm. $1800You can ring my bell. Wood, acrylic paint, copper wire, brass bell, glass. **********SOLD*********Homage by candlelight. Walnut, Rimu, Totora, #8 wire, candle.********SOLD******* The bird whisperer. Walnut, rimu, pine, ceramic. ******Sold*****.Plumbing the depths. Rimu, ply, acrylic paint. etched glass, coloured glass. 500mm x 600mm x 120mm. $850Altered icon. Red Gum, mahogany, various recycled woods, #8 wire, glass, tealight. 1000mm x 700mm x 200mm. $1150Altered icon 2. Matai, ceramic. 500mm x 550mm x 230mm. $1000.